Get Ready for Your Party with Clip-in Hair Extensions
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If you are the fashionista who has got her fans having great expectations from the fashion sense, every time you step out, you probably stay updated about the recent trends out there. Hair is a woman’s asset as it traps in a great amount of femininity. It defines her sensuality and magnetic personality in several ways. Thus, if you feel that you do not have enough hair to pull off a particular look for an event, you have some great options to try.

The most common and most healthy option would be use hair extensions. They are not insinuative and ugly like wigs and most goes unnoticed. With them on, you can try any hairstyles and any way you please without worrying to damage your natural hair underneath. Initially hair extensions had to attached to hair using braiding and glueing techniques that would be extremely uncomfortable for users. Today, we have clip-in hair extensions that are easy to use and one does not need the help of professional hair stylists to fix them for you.

Let us take a step-by-step look into attaching clip-in extensions.

  1. Once you buy a thick mass of extensions make sure to part them and divide the hair into sections according to the areas of the scalp where you would like to paste them.

  2. After that you have to prepare your natural hair. Shampoo and condition your hair well so that the extensions can glide over them and not stick with the hair.

  3. Always start with the bottom section. Section a part of your hair using sectioning clips and then attach the first mass of extensions just below the root.

  4. Continue separating sections of your hair and attaching the extensions. Tease the hair towards the ends.

  5. There would be x2 rows of clip-ins in your pack from the hair at the side of the ears and front. Put them carefully to bring that natural flair.

  6. Once done, comb your hair well and carefully. Use a leave-in conditioner and blow dry. Straighten or curl as you need.

If you are willing to make heads turn with your new hair-do this season, grab an exclusive variety of Remy clip in hair extensions from the top London stores.

Four Things to Be Aware of When You are attempting a DIY Installation of Hair Extensions
hair extensions london
It is a myth that you absolutely have to go to a professional hair dresser, or visit an exclusive salon, in order to install hair extensions. With (more than) a bit of time in your hand and some diligent effort on your part, you can really install hair extensions yourself. Yes you might falter at first, you might even mess up the strands, you might make awkward mistakes on at hair parting and you will feel absolutely topsy-turvy as there will be numerous tutorials floating on the web, each with a different set of instructions, on how to do your own hair extension, but you just have to know some do’s and don’ts that might not prevent you from making your own mistakes ( after all application of hair extension is a complicated, painstaking and time-consuming affair, and as an amateur, we are bound to make mistakes ), but will definitely make the application process much smoother. In this essay, we shall thus address the basic do’s and don’ts when you are trying to install hair extensions by your own: -

  • Mind the Parting: You must section your hair into even divisions. If hair parting or hair sectioning becomes haphazard and uneven, then the hair extensions cannot be applied in a uniform manner.

  • How Much Hair Does One Need? That is the important question! If the hair extensions are way too heavy then they might put unbearable pressure on your hair follicles, causing you discomfort and leading to hair fall (which you surely want to avoid at all costs) On the other hand, if the amount of hair being used is too little, they might not blend with your natural hair and the overall picture might look very cartoonish or tacky.

  • Make sure that your hair is properly oiled ( it helps if you apply warm olive oil the night before and rinse off with a mild herbal shampoo and conditioner in the morning) , shampooed and moisturised or conditioned before you take the plunge and begin applying hair extensions. Detangling the gnarls and tangles of your hair is very important as gnarled and unruly hair will pop out in every direction. Condition or moisturise your hair and then use a fine tooth comb and detangle your hair through all the sections before applying the weft of hair.

  • Decide which type of hair you want: Hair extensions if you do not already know are constituted of two types of hair synthetic hair and human hair. Synthetic hair are affordable and cheap, are easy to apply and easy to maintain, but as they are chemically generated and processed, and are often glued to your hair they will have some harmful chemicals which might damage your own hair. Human hair whose colour and texture resembles your own hair will look much more authentic and if the extension is composed of one hundred per cent virgin human hair (extremely rare hair that has not been chemically processed) no harm will be done to your hair. But they are also very expensive and quite difficult to maintain and are therefore not recommended for those who are newbies in the world of hair extensions.

Remy Hair Extensions Can Be The Perfect Remedy To Short & Dull Hair
hair extensions london
Long hair has been traditionally considered as a symbol of feminine beauty. Therefore, women of every country, culture and civilization wishes for a long mane of healthy and lustrous hair that they can leave open in all its glory or style according to individual preferences.

However, unfortunately long healthy hair is a boon not every woman is born with.  Heredity, as many hair specialists has shown may not be the only factor behind stunted hair growth. Exposure to pollution, and low quality shampoos with harmful chemicals or water with high iron content, poor diet, undue stress, lack of sleep and proper nutrition  lack be deciding factors leading to thin, lackluster hair. Hair extensions are a great way to have that long and voluminous hair you have always wanted. Generally they are available in two forms viz - synthetic hair or artificial hair and Remy or hair extensions made with authentic human hair which is procured from regions like Eastern Europe, China and Hindu temples where many worshipers offer their hair as a sign of devotion. Both types of hair extensions have their pros and cons.

Remy hair is human hair, which has been cut from its donor and preserved in its original form and alignment.  Hair follicles are  maintained the same direction when collected and being molded into a  wig or hairpiece.  With cuticles all running in the same direction, tangling is greatly reduced and hair looks and feels silkier.  It can be washed, heated, straightened curled and dyed just like normal hair. Moreover, since it is constituted of genuine hair it exudes a natural look. Remy hair is so flexible that it can be this hair can be styled with a blow-dryer, curling iron, hot roller or ceramic straightener, and styling products can be applied- just like your own hair.  Unlike synthetic hair it can be lengthened or volumized according to your wishes as unlike their clip-on counterparts they are attached using precision-engineered micro bonds, which are almost invisible to the naked eye. This results in a firm attachment without application of glue (which is often damaging to your hair) as well as layering the hair to give it an unmatched volume. After being washed, the hair looks more natural and free flowing than ever.

There are however two major cons to Remy hair. One - Remy hair can be considerably expensive. According to the prevalent market rates, a single weft of human hair can cost anything from 25 dollars to 200 dollars, depending on the quality of the hair. They require proper and meticulous daily care and maintenance to last more than a span of 4 months.

The other popular option is synthetic hair. They are the first preferences for many women as they are relatively low priced and easy to maintain. Four to six ‘’jumbo braids’’ which are the staple form in which they are sold, are available for just 20 dollars!  First time hair extension users therefore often opt for synthetic hair extensions. These are constituted of plastic fibers, which are consecutively created in straight or curly waves.

The main complaint of women using synthetic hair extensions is that they do not look natural and are not at all flexible. As it is made from plant fibers it is not very adaptable to change. This means that unlike Remy hair, it cannot be  colored straightened, or  curled , as excessive heat can cause the hair to burn or break away. What is left is a mop of fake looking hair with zero styling potential.

Celebrated Hair Extension Salons offer unlimited Support and Opportunity for the Best Natural Human
hair extensions london
What can be more graceful than an appeal of a beautiful hair? We all want a stunning hair. Isn’t it! It is also true that scarcely people are blessed to have the attractiveness of having such wonderful hairs. If you are suffering from a hair problem, its growth and lack of thickness, followed by a sleepless night! You will enjoy a great service in London, offered by the renowned hair specialist, deals with the hair extension facilities and characteristics. The top grade professionals are truly skilled, offer a dream like hair to you.

London is the most luxurious place, with the grand features present in the metropolitan city. The grand hair salons of the talented professionals amaze their valuable customers with their exclusive works, like a transformation of the hair from its root to tip, with special care, using the natural ingredients. It delivers a satisfying impact because of the naturalness present in it. You may contact the renowned experts, to fix an appointment with them regarding hair. The works of the salon are very promising in this particular respect with lots of advantages for enjoying the finest hair ever.

  • The hair extension is completely scientific, with high technologies involved in it.

  • It ensures 100% natural effects of hair without any glue, clips, latex, weaves, rings implicated in it.

  • The unique hair integration procedure realistically disguises the temporary methods for the hair extension, thus results in an exclusive outlook.

  • Optimum care and maintenance is offered by the experts and their associates. You will feel magical after the procedure is finished.

  • The hair extension ethically denotes an exclusive robust hair with an extra shine and silky effect.

  • No one will able to make out the artificial usage of materials. The synthetic hair extension process has gained a high international market.

The elite salons of London, do offer an excellent service. Contributing the best works to the precious client’s is the motto of the professional salons.

  • Secrecy and confidentiality, is maintained between the professionals and the customers.

  • The hair extensions salon presents a caring, affectionate and friendly service to their clients.

  • You may contact the renowned  hair extensions specialist to talk directly to him/her about your problem. They are truly helpful; and provide an ample solution to the problems.

  • You won’t feel anxious while taking with them, because of their kind approach towards you.

  • Human hair extensions London adds a long, thick and color maintained service to their clients.

  • Thus, if you are in deep problem with your lovely hair, do contact the hair extensions London, through the authorized website.

Head For the Best Beauty Salons London To Avail High Quality Extensions
hair extensions london
Our flowing mass of thick hair from the head, is our pride. For women, hair is one of the ravishing aspects of their beauty that they price the most. Surely, a cascading bunch of richly coloured hair can make a simple look dramatic and gorgeous in a number of ways. But, beauty has a price. Hair maintenance and caring is not a sentence of a few words. With all the pollution and chemical products around, our hair has to tolerate too much everyday. Eventually, women who are not genetically blessed with strong locks may face hair thinning at very early stages of their lives. Once a good amount of hair is lost, hair styling becomes very difficult. Since, any good hairstyle requires a good hair volume, fashionable women would eventually require thinking of options like hair extensions to get a volume which will fetch remarks from friends and relatives.

London, which is the official destination for fashionistas, has every solution for women with thin hair. The mega city has a number of popular hair extension stylists who help young and middle aged people to try different looks without harming their existing hair. Top beauty salons in London offer high quality hair extensions made of human hair, which can be affixed to the natural hair using advanced braiding techniques to make the hair look thick and manageable. Moreover, they can be combed, shampooed and styled without worrying about damage. One of popular methods of affixing hair extensions with the natural hair is by using micro ring extensions. No amount of heating and harmful chemicals are included in the process. Hair stylists London, use selective methods of braiding and weaving complete the process. Thus, no amount of artificiality is detected from the outside.

Since, every women have hair of different qualities, styles and textures, they cannot be provided with only a single type. The popular types of hair provided at these specialty salons include remy cuticle, European virgin hair and Russian virgin hair. Most commonly, Remy cuticle hair is the most popular type among women. Since, remy clip in hair extensions are generally the finest quality extensions which are sourced from Russia, Ukraine and Europe, they are available in natural, straight, body wave and curly textures which make them look lustrous and gorgeous. Different textures and styles are blended properly in order to create a fascinating look that is highly desirable. A London hair salon has the top-rated stylists who have worked with a multitude of Hollywood stars. They have travelled across the entire world and gathered a handful of experience in the craft of making and attaching extensions to the natural hair. The leading beauty magazines have their names and craft published at frequent intervals. Moreover, these extension experts hand over a number of styling and home care tips for the extensions, such that buyers can use them for a long stretch of time without losing their sheen. In other words, these hair extension clinics and salons in London are undoubtedly the best places to procure quality extensions from.

Buy Human Hair Extensions and Try Some Innovative Hair Styles This Season
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Looking fetching with some ultra-modern apparels and designers accessories is a tough job. Women have always been very fashion conscious and today, with improved exposure to the world that lies beyond their national boundary, there is always an instinct to work up their look and look at par with international fashion standards. Just the way all the other sections of the body needs to be adorned using proper judgement, one has also to lay great emphasis on the tresses.

A head full of lustrous and thick hair can jazz up any look and appeal instantly. But, since, people today start losing their hair very early due to factors like pollution, constant styling and chemical products, people are only left with fewer options when it comes to deciding the right hairstyle for an event. We are glad to tell you that there are several salons and beauty treatment centers in London, offering hair extension and styling services for women who are keen about taking a glam turn.

Hair extension have changed the lives of many and today women do not fear investing on these hair styling techniques because they have been proven safe. Human hair extensions are ethically procured 100% natural hair which are treated appropriately to make them look healthy and beautiful. Expert hair extension stylists use the most integrated techniques to attach these extensions to the natural hair of a women, such that a completely natural look is attained. Moreover, one can easily wear it on a daily basis without needing to remove them at frequent intervals. The top salons and hair treatment centers in London have attained to thousands of clients from all parts of UK and they have been highly satisfied with the results of application of hair extensions before and after. The looks have been so dramatically different that women were extremely glad on trying it out. But, the best part is that, there is no amount of visible artificiality about it. Women have found the confidence to try different hairstyles without affecting their natural hair in any way. A hair extensions specialist London offers some quick maintenance tips to customers so that they can keep their extensions going for a longer period. So, for those who are willing to turn head with their all-new tresses, can surely consult the top experts dealing in hair extensions London.

The London based hair extension experts know how to give best makeover using quality hair extensions
hair extensions london
Not everyone is so lucky to have good hair. Because of this people face depression and feel isolated around others. But not anymore, there are salons based in the city of London that have rich teams of expert professionals who know each and every minute details of hair styling using best quality human hair extension.

Clip hair extensions the new face of hair fashion

Hair extension experts rely on best quality human hair handpicked from worldwide to provide their clients with best extension. Europe, Russia and Ukraine are the countries that deliver the largest amount of high quality human hair. The hair extension clips are hand crafted and get made in such way so that they don’t look unnatural from any angle. They easily mix with the natural hair of the client.

Hair extensions London experts give you the best hair extensions solutions for different occasions

The London based hair extension experts take good care while making the extensions so that they can fit in to the face cut and figure of the client. There are various textures and colors of the hair extensions which are great to make wigs as well. The high quality hair extensions not only get used by normal clients but they are preferred by the Hollywood stars as well because of their natural looks and gorgeous appeal.

Clip in human hair extensions give you the perfect natural looking hair styles

Remy cuticle hair, European virgin hair, Russian virgin hair, Russian virgin hair deluxe lines are the most trusted types of hair that get used widely. These hair extensions that come with clips are washable and do not require extra care or observation. Normal shampooing, slow rinsing and slow combing are basic requirements to keep the hair clips in good condition. Braiding before hitting the bed is also a good idea to keep the hair extension in great condition.

So, if you are thinking of getting quality hair extension for yourself or your loved one, contact a London based hair extension experts now. Adding natural bounce and volume to your hair, the extensions give the perfect solution to getting attractive hair styles without working on your natural hair.

Stylize Your Hair With Micro Rings Hair Extensions In London
hair extensions london
Are you looking for the best hair extension service in London? But are those age old buzzes holding you back from lending a stylish new dimension to your tresses? You will be glad to know that a large number of hair extension service providers are emerging in the heart of London. Hair extension service by Kirill is just a wow addition to this vast array. Kirill is one of the renowned hair extension artists in London. There are several hair extensions methods are entering the hair styling industry. But when it comes to rating the most successful one, nothing can ever surpass the popularity of 'Advance MicroBonds'™ London. This breakthrough alternative is acknowledged as the safest way to attach permanent hair extension.

Why it’s unbeatable?

Unlike any other conventional hair extension methods, which tends to affix hair extension with the help of harmful glues or through braiding or sewing, the micro ring hair extension emphasizes on following the most healthy and safe techniques to style hair. Maximum people feel that the way of attaching artificial hair extensions is the most eligible sources that call for all sorts of hair problems. But, the professional hair extensions London claims to go by absolutely natural human hair extension fixing procedures that you can rely on. In fact, there are so many other reasons as well which will make you fall in love with the varieties of hair extensions in London. These include-

  • There is no requirement to use harmful glues, chemicals or heat.

  • No braiding or sewing.

  • The micro ring hair extension is pretty easy to affix to your own hair.

  • It looks completely natural. In fact, it’s totally indistinguishable from your own hair.

  • It uses 100% natural human hair extension. Hence, it’s easy to wash, colour, style and perm.

  • The advanced electro plated, precision engineered micro rings will match the colour of your own hair.

  • You can remove this anytime without even taking mercy of solvents.

Hence, if you want your tresses to look absolutely stunning, you can opt for the esteemed professional hair extensions London services.

Get Your Exclusive Hair Styling Done from the Top Hair Extensions Experts in London
hair extensions london
Long hair has always been a huge fad but presently, with growing pollution and demand in lifestyle, women hardly have the time and the inclination to take care of their hair and beauty.

Whether you are going to office, church, social functions, parties or weddings, you are always in a hurry and don’t find the time to groom your hair properly. Proper hair style has a big responsibility in changing the way you look and in London, the hair care salons are presently ruling the roost with the best experts in their disposal.

The modern hair extensions London come in various patterns and styles and look great every time you use them. You might even come across the extensions designed to reflect colors of flowers or peacock feather to add to you looks. The professional hair extensions are designed creatively from virgin Russian, European and Remy hair qualities.

These hair extensions make you look simply different and change your short hair look to a ravishing long hair look and what’s best, the modern hair extensions are so subtle and beautifully attachable that no one will ever notice that you are wearing an extension.

Compared to the older extensions that had to be stitched and glued to your hair, thereby harming your scalp and damaging your hair quality, the modern extensions come in the form of rings and clip-ons that can be attached to your hair without any stitching or glue. The professional hair extensions London salons have the top experts waiting to give your hair the kind of look that it deserves.

Whether, you want straight hair, curly hair or tie and dye hair extension styles, the experts always have a solution for you. You can also go for wavy hair to change your look from the typical dull and drab style to something funky and more attractive.

The beauty salons in London provide you with the extensions that suit your looks and your facial cutting perfectly. The hair extensions add to the length and volume of your original hair and the modern extensions are processed in a manner as to stay perfect for a longer period of time.

You can maintain these extensions with professionally designed shampoo and conditioners. While shampooing them you need to follow some simple steps that you can learn from your hair stylist easily.

Hair Extensions for a New Look
hair extensions london

Whether it is a party that you are looking to attend or a formal corporate conference lined up for you, looking great and gorgeous is a vital need for the modern woman. This is the age of fashion, marketing and branding and the better you look the more eyes you attract. Taking a U-Turn, long and silky hair has found its way back into people's lives. However, there is just one small drawback. Today's woman does not have time to pamper herself or treat her hair to keep it long and glossy. In fact, most women would prefer to keep their hair short and hassle free.

However, getting hair extensions for special occasions is the new trend. You can install modern clip-on extensions in no time. It helps you look glamorous without any trouble. Therefore, you do not find yourself sitting in the salon, hours before heading for any occasion. There are a number of salons in London providing good quality hair for doing the extensions.

Expert hair stylists having in-depth knowledge run these salons. They understand what suit best with a person's hair among different hair types like European hair, Russian hair and Remy hair. Google and other search engines have made it easy for people to find the right salon near your residence. Thanks to the internet, now you can learn all that you need to know about hair extensions and the right hair extensions salon in particular region. The official websites of these salons presents a complete range of information about their products and specializations.

When you are looking for professional salon services in London, there are a number of salons specializing in installing attractive extensions. You can use specially created shampoo and conditioners to keep your extensions intact for a longer time. With proper care, your extensions can last longer, for almost four to six months. These extensions look perfectly natural and you can color them, perm them or straighten them as per your wish.


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